What to Know About Drip Pots and Corrosion Monitoring

Internal metal corrosion in hazardous liquid, gas transmission and gas-gathering applications is inevitable and continues to cause leaks and catastrophic failures.  Due to the fact that internal corrosion is time dependent, the number of incidents could be increasing due to aging pipeline infrastructure.  Such disasters can damage the environment and cause costly downtime and waste in pipeline productivity, in addition to astronomical cleanup costs.

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ASCO & Numatics help Customer’s Maximize Efficiencies & Optimize Applications

ASCO’s fluid automation product lines include a wide variety of solenoid valves, angle body piston valves, pneumatic valves and manifolds, cylinders, filters, regulators, lubricators and a complete range of accessories.  ASCO has developed engineered solutions that set the standards for a broad range of markets and applications, continually identifying opportunities for Customers to realize their true potential.

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BT6-B Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Trap for Clean Steam

Is your clean steam process getting to the temperature you require?  If not, you may be experiencing condensate back-up or air binding.

If this is the case, it would be prudent to ensure that the steam trap is suitable for the application.  Though clean steam thermodynamic steam traps are suitable for drip applications, a balanced pressure thermostatic trap, constructed of 316L, should be used for process applications.  The balanced pressure thermodynamic steam trap should contain a minimum sub cooled element, be installed to allow for full drainage, contain an un-insulated drip leg of no less than 12″* and be fully open when cold.  In the unlikely event that these can’t be met, traps can be provided with a fixed bleed.

*Please note that the length of the drip leg may be able to be adjusted depending on the load.  The length of the drip leg in light load applications may be shortened, provided that appropriate calculations are made.

Wika Level Measurement products available through GWS Supply

Wika Level Measurement products are suitable for most Industrial and Commercial applications including:

  • Refinery and chemical industries
  • Energy and power plant technology
  • Feed water heaters and boilers
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Offshore exploration and drilling
  • Pipeline compressor applications

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Hawk Centurion Guided Radar (CGR) has success with Oil/Water Interface

Application problem

HAWK was recently invited to “put up and show” how our guided wave radar (GCR) could work in a real world environment for Oil & Water interface.  An Oil & Gas Services company located in USA needed accurate measurement of oil level and accurate measurement of the salt water interface in a series of tanks to efficiently separate salt water from oil.

This customer has experienced quality problems and accuracy problems with other manufacturers of Guided Radar devices and they asked us to help.  The problems experienced included inaccurate level readings, high level alarms, signal dropping out, slow response times and constant lack of support.

In addition, this customer was looking for MODBUS communication since this is how they setup their control scheme for the entire Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS).


The challenge was for HAWK to prove our Centurion Guided Radar (GSR) system for level and interface measurement.  In addition, HAWK had to develop a MODBUS version of the CGR since the only option was 2-Wire HART 7 version.

HAWK was able to install a CGR 2-Wire Hart device within 2 weeks to prove the ease of set-up and commissioning and a finished CGR MODBUS version within 6 weeks of the request.  Oil level and Salt Water Level accuracy compared with hand dips done over a 3 day period with very good results and the customer’s reaction was “WOW”.

These units have been installed with no special setup or adjustments needed…just the standard HAWK settings.  The CGR installation had the same mounting as the competitors and the same conditions.

This customer has now ordered more than 40 CGR’s and HAWK has become the standard level/interface device!

Kelair Products is acquired by Matot Inc.

Matot, Inc., a leading supplier of material lift equipment to the elevator industry has acquired Kelair Products, Inc., an industrial damper company specializing in the custom design and fabrication of dampers for over 30 years.  Matot is a 128 year old company, and like Kelair, is a family-owned business, with similar philosophies and values, as well as manufacturing processes.

“We have lots in common in both our history and way of doing business” said Anne Matot, owner of Matot Inc.  “Our goal is to broaden our manufacturing base and provide excellent products and service to all customers.  We intend to continue to bring Kelair customers an unparalleled level of response to their needs.”

Manufacturing will continue at the current Kelair location for at least the next year, before being transferred to Matot, Inc located in Bellwood, IL.

AquaMatic® now being produced by AQ Matic available at GWS Supply

We are pleased to announce that the AquaMatic product line, formerly manufactured by Pentair, will now be produced and serviced by the newly created, AQ Matic Valve and Controls Company.


The company was created by Walter Senney, president and owner of Met-Chem Group, headquartered in Cleveland, OH.  The AQ Matic division will be located in New Berlin, WI.

AQ Matic is committed to supplying the same genuine AquaMatic products and services to OEM’s and distributors that they have been accustomed to with Pentair.  In addition, AQ Matic will honor warranties on AquaMatic products sold by Pentair that are still in effect per the warranty terms.

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Pratt® Knife Gate Valves available at GWS Supply

Pratt Knife Gate and Slide Gate valves have been produced since 1995.  Pratt specializes in custom knife gate valves from 2″ to 96″ and above, utilizing carbon steel to stainless steels and other weldable alloys.  With many years of combined experience in building knife gate valves in particular, every facet of the fabrication process from engineering to fabrication is done in their Woodland, WA facility.


Along with custom fabricated valves, Pratt resilient and metal seat cast knife gate valves from 2″ to 24″ in ductile iron or stainless steel.

Pratt Knife Gate valves can be manufactured to meet the “American Iron & Steel” (also known as AIS) requirement for the “Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014.”


Transmitter for gas density, temperature, pressure and humidity of SF6 gas

The model GDHT-20 transmitter is a multi-sensor system with digital output for the measurement parameters of pressure, temperature and humidity.  Based on these measured values, the condition-related data can be determined.

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Permanent Monitoring

In order to prevent system failures in switchgear and, with that, network outages, the permanent monitoring of the gas density and moisture content is essential.

The GDHT-20 transmitter calculates the current gas density from the pressure and temperature using a complex virial equation in the transmitter’s powerful microprocessor.  Pressure changes resulting from thermal effects will be compensated by this and will not affect the output value.

In addition, the GDHT-20 transmitter delivers humidity or dew point information online, which enables monitoring within the terms of Cigre guidelines and IEC Standards.

Signal Stability

Due to its high long-term stability, the transmitter is maintenance-free and requires no recalibration.  Through the hermetically sealed weld seam and a measuring cell design without sealing elements, the permanent sealing of the measuring cell is ensured.

The EMC characteristics fulfill the IEC 61000-4-2 through to IEC 61000-4-6 standards and guarantee an interference-free data output.


  • Permanent monitoring of the relevant gas condition parameters in closed tanks
  • For indoor and outdoor SF6 gas-insulated equipment

Special Features

  • High-accuracy sensor technology
  • MODBUS® output protocol via RS0485 interface
  • Ingress protection IP65
  • Very good long-term stability and EMC characteristics
  • Compact dimensions
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3-Way Automated Ball Valves available at GWS Supply

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