Hoke-Gyrolok® Experienced-High Quality Valve & Fittings at GWS Supply

Hoke-Gyrolok® offers many years of experience design and manufacturing high quality, high pressure fluid control components.  We offer the best in class reliability and availability of our products.


  • Alternative Fuels Market:    You will find our technology used in alternative fuels passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, filling stations, ethanol refineries and hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Market:  Hoke realized that no two plants are exactly alike and can offer you custom designed solutions to meet your unique process and flow control component requirements.  You can find Hoke’s time-tested designs in hundreds of plants worldwide, Hoke components deliver leak-tight performance.
  • OEM Applications:  Hoke fluid process components are trusted design for a wide variety of OEM Equipment and Machinery applications including pollution control equipment, analyzers, test stands, oil and gas control skids, and gas turbine controls.
  • Oil & Gas Markets:  You can find Hoke fluid control solutions on applications ranging from well head to pipeline transportation and points in between.  If you have a fluid process control requirement for oil and gas exploration, offshore platforms, refining or pipline, let us help you with your applications.
  • Power Generation Markets:  From fossil fuel power generation to nuclear power plants, our full line of process control components can assist you with retrofitting and existing process, or to design or build a new one!
  • Pulp and Paper Markets:  Whether your application is batch or continuous processing, fluid transfer, mixing or plant utilities, Hoke’s outstanding leak-tight components can help reduce emissions and reduce the possibility of falling out of compliance with environmental regulations.

GWS is a stocking distributor with experience sales staff ready to assist you with your fluid process requirements, give us a call to see how we can help find you savings with your applications!